Pure and natural gourmet sea salt flakes from West Cork,  the homeland of Irish artisan food. The O'Neill family lovingly produce Irish Atlantic Sea Salt flakes at their home on the ruggedly beautiful Beara Peninsula, West Cork, Ireland. The O'Neills are passionate about their gourmet sea salt flakes and spent years developing and perfecting a production process that blends age old salt making methods with energy efficient production techniques, to produce Irish sea salt flakes that are 100% pure and natural. Irish Atlantic Sea Salt flakes are produced slowly and naturally, retaining over fifty natural trace elements that are essential for your wellbeing.  


     Our new range of flavoured sea salt flakes are now available


“At last there is an Irish sea salt on the market."

- Darina Allen, Ballymaloe Cookery School -


"...I’ve been using it in place of Maldon in my cooking."

- Donal Skehan, Celebrity Chef - 



"Irish Atlantic Sea Salt is like a Christmas morning plunge in the Forty Foot, its power is in those moments just after the initial impact, its saltiness is intense and lingering, refreshing and unarguably Irish."

- Kate Packwood, Owner The Wild Flour Bakery -



"We just can't use salt unless it's Irish Atlantic."

- Chef Stuart Bowes, Barnabrow Country House - 













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