Table Salt vs. Sea Salt

Table salt usually comes from salt mines or the sea and is a highly refined product. Table salt is extremely processed and contains additives such as aluminium (a toxic substance), drying agents and anti-caking agents. Table salt is produced by heating or scorching salt at a very high temperature to remove any moisture. Once the salt is scorched and all moisture is removed, what is left is an unnatural product that is hard on the body. Table salt can also be produced by a man made evaporation process involving intense heat and processing the salt crystals to reach a standard of desired quality. Anti caking agents, additives and preservatives are also added to the salt during this process. Iodine is usually added to table salt, the iodine that is added is usually synthetic, which can be difficult for our bodies to process. 

Irish Atlantic Sea Salt on the other hand is unprocessed, unrefined and does not contain Irish Atlantic Sea Salt
additives, preservatives or anti-caking agents.. The sea salt flakes are in an unprocessed form and as a result, retain vital trace elements that humans need, such as magnesium, potassium and calcium. Sea Salt also tastes much better than table salt and rather than being an over powerful seasoning, just a pinch of Irish Atlantic Sea Salt will bring out the unique flavours in food.