Donal Skehan 

"... I’ve been using it in place of Maldon in my cooking. Produced on the Beara  Peninsula in West Cork from the highest quality sea water, Irish Atlantic Sea Salt offers a wonderfully pure and organic flaky sea salt.  Anyone who has visited that particular area of Ireland will have seen the wonderful coastline and spectacular landscapes which I suppose adds to the appeal of using this product.  I love to add sea salt to sweet baking recipes to balance the sweetness and it is especially helpful added to chocolate chip cookies, rich caramel sauces, and dark chocolate truffles."



 Rachel Allen, Ballymaloe Country House

"I love to cook with flakes of salt, as I can control their coarseness with my fingers and they also give texture to the finished dish. Irish Atlantic Sea Salt is made in the Beara Peninsula, West Cork. The water is carefully evaporated then the salt is harvested by hand..."

- Sunday Independent Life Magazine, Sunday, 25 November 2012 -                                                              


Chef Ken Harker

"...tastes like when you lick your lips after swimming in the sea. A natural salt flavour, no chemicals, great stuff."

 - Lady Helen Restaurant, Mount Juliet - 


Chef Stuart Bowes

"We just can't use salt unless it's Irish Atlantic."

- Barnabrow Country House -