Beara Peninsula

The Beara Peninsula is a region of unparalleled beauty. The mountains and valleys are rich in archaeological sites such as stone circles, wedge graves and other relics from the past. Steeped in Irish history, there are hundreds of historical sites dotted throughout the region, some dating back to 2000 B.C.

The region’s proximity to the Atlantic Ocean and the presence of the warm Gulf Stream make it a rich marine environment. The qualities of the waters of the Beara Peninsula are of a Grade A standard and the region’s maritime culture is as strong as ever.

The ruggedly beautiful landscape of the area is breath-taking. With
stunning waterfalls and valleys, splendid heritage tails and walks, historic copper mines and mountains that could have been sculpted by a talented artist, the Beara Peninsula is a place that must be experienced firsthand. Many visitors to the area have commented on a life that progresses at a different pace, a peninsula which has tradition and a sense of community, with local businesses, industries, arts and crafts and vibrant clubs and organisations. What you may discover though, is a place you may not want to leave. 


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